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Battle For Crete by John Hall Spencer Front Cover

A Defender of Faith

Telling of the imaginary bitter struggle of Prince Charles and his consort, Camilla, to fight off a challenge for the throne of Britain from a Stuart claimant, Count Paolo Sobieski, a descendant of a lost son of Bonnie Prince Charlie who was, baptized in Rome in 1774 by Cardinal the Duke of York, his historic brother. There are documents to prove Sobieski's claim. His Stuart and Catholic cause is now backed by an expatriate American media mogul. Prince Charles responds with an ad campaign prepared by a New York City advertising agency for reasons of security and paid for by the Saudi Royal Family. They are attracted by Charles' expressed wish to be defender "of faith" in the abstract rather than the faith which could thus embrace Islam. Sobieski's appeal is now cynically increased by a publicity campaign in which two contrasting women fight for his hand in marriage: one a German Countess, a beautiful woman of the world, and an American actress who, by contrast, supports basic moral values. The sparks fly and romance blossoms.

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Battle For Crete by John Hall Spencer Front Cover

"A swiftly moving account and the confusion of a soldier's battle"
The Times

"Fascinating and detailed"
Britain at War

Battle For Crete

'Battle For Crete' uses very varied sources, Allied and German, to build up an exciting account of a bitterly contested campaign. As the late HRH Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark wrote in the foreword: It is a superb account... a text which is bound to be considered eventually one of the best narratives ever written of this important phase of the last war. Here are the drone of the Stukas, the air filled with parachutists, the hand-to-hand fighting and sudden violent death in the olive groves.

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Hitler and The King by John Hall Spencer Front Cover

"I am impressed with 'Hitler and the King'. The text is clearly objective. I fully agree that the communist regime in Bulgaria did its best to silence my father's key role.”

Simeon Saxe-Coburg son of King Boris of Bulgaria and former Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Hitler And The King

'Hitler And The King' is an objective account of how the late King Boris of Bulgaria saved 50,000 Bulgarian Jews from the death camp at Auschwitz - at the cost of his own life. After standing up to Hitler in the Wolf's Lair command centre on the Eastern Front in a furious and fateful last meeting on 14 August 1943, four days later back in Sofia the King was dead. This is an unsolved murder mystery and a tribute to a quiet and unacknowledged hero, a Saxe-Coburg who married a daughter of the King of Italy, and was a relative of the British Royal Family.

The Wall Is Strong by John Hall Spencer Front Cover

The Wall Is Strong

'The Wall Is Strong' has Colditz Castle at the height of the Cold War as the setting of the final bloody climax of a novel in which the pace never lets up. In the nightmare world of the old Communist East Germany the sense of danger is always here and Richard Drake, the protagonist, using a mission to the Leipzig Trade Fair as cover for his mission, survives in a world beyond the wall of everyday life, out in the open where there is no help but luck and a man's wits. Published by Heinemann, Mondadori and the New English Library.

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